The 25th annual Crusader Christmas Classic Basketball tourney will take place at Cathedral High School.  Games will be played on Wednesday-Friday.

Basketball schedule
Wednesday, 12/27

2:00pm – Litchfield vs. Melrose - Girls

3:30pm – Litchfield vs. Melrose -Boys

5:30pm – Concordia Academy vs. Cathedral - Girls

7:00pm - Concorida Academy vs. Cathedral – BoysThursday, 12/28

2:00pm – Concordia Academy vs. Melrose - Girls

3:30pm – Concordia Academy vs. Melrose -Boys

5:30pm - Litchfield vs. Cathedral - Girls

7:00pm - Litchfield vs. Cathedral - Boys

Friday, 12/29

2:00pm – Litchfield vs. Concordia Academy - Girls

3:30pm – Litchfield vs. Concordia Academy -Boys

5:30pm – Cathedral vs. Melrose - Girls

7:00pm - Cathedral vs. Melrose - Boys

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