Looking for something fun, and maybe a bit different than the usual for Father's Day? This might be just the thing.  Next weekend is Father's Day, and the annual Stone Arch Bridge Festival is taking place as part of a Twin Cities tradition.

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Even though the Stone Arch Bridge is under construction/repairs currently, the festival will go on.  The exact location is along West River Parkway from N 4th Avenue and S 11th Avenue. One of the best things about this festival is that admission is FREE!


Lots of artwork to check out from 225 artists that have been chosen through a competitive process.  There will be 2 stages with live music thoughout the weekend, there will also be things for families to do together, food and beer vendors, and some great vinyl and vintage markets, and so much more!

Our festival is not just an event, it's a tradition. It is one of the Twin Cities' largest and longest-running festivals, with a strong tradition of bringing art, music, and community to the Minneapolis Riverfront on Father’s Day weekend.

Each year, there is an artist chosen to capture the feeling of the Minneapolis Riverfront.  This year, the artist that has been chosen is Sage Phillips.  One of their paintings is the featured poster for this year's event.  It features the Stone Arch Bridge along with a Blue Heron.

From a Press Release:

For this year's poster, I created a painting featuring one of my favorite members of the riverfront's wildlife population: the Great Blue Heron. They are such beautiful birds and never fail to bring an air of mystery, grace (and a smile to my face) when they fly by with their iconic silhouette. It was the perfect fit to pair with the equally iconic Stone Arch Bridge!” - Sage Phillips

You would like to purchase a festival tote bag, the poster is the featured artwork on the bag.  It will be available at the festival, June 15-16.

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