Time tp pack in as much as we can every weekend of the summer.  Why?  Because that is summer in Minnesota.  And it's usually a ton of fun, so why not?

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This time it's a first time event called Joetown Blocks.  Kind of like Joetown Rocks, only not the same.

This event is super local as in there will be no national sponsor or a bunch of vendors from out of town.  This event is all about this close knit community and bringing everyone together.

There will be some fun activities too including a dunk tank where you will have a chance to dunk some of your favorite local figures all for a great cause.  The causes, by the way, also include a 50/50 raffle that will raise funds to keep this event going for years to come.
There will also be a farmer's market, and a kids derby that kicks off at noon.  The festivities begin at Noon on Sunday, June 9th and continue until 5pm.  5 hours of fun in St. Joe!  More information on their Facebook event page.  

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