March is the one month out of the year when you have the excuse to party as much as your heart desires. December is up there, but in all fairness, as fun as the holidays can be, that time of year is more about kindness, love, and generosity than partying (or at least it should be.) March sports the most fun holiday of the year (except for Halloween, in my opinion.)

I’m talking about St. Patrick’s Day. Though the celebration has a historic background and premise, now-a-days it’s basically an excuse to party it up with your friends. And that’s just fine with me. There’s no better way to spend you alcohol fueled holiday than by going to Luckypalooza in St. Paul.

The two-block street party is in the West 7th neighborhood and has three tent parties, outdoor food stands and bars, DJ's and live music, and a mechanical bull. At 11 PM the party will move indoors to the ten different bars and restaurants in the area. The celebration is on March 10th. Sounds like a killer time to me.

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