ST. CLOUD -- Crews are finishing up the final details on the road reconstruction project by the St. Cloud Hospital.

Maintenance Coordinator Scott Gray says the road should reopen by next week.

"The plan is to have the road opened by the middle of next week. The final layer of asphalt will be done this week and signage in place. There may be some follow up landscaping but the road itself should be open."


CentraCare Health has been working on realigning 13th Street North since July to provide direct access into their south driveway of the emergency room.

The project was expected to be completed by August, but Gray says weather and contractor disputes caused some of the delays.

"Originally some of the permitting process took longer than we anticipated, after that it was scheduling the contractors. Some minor things with the weather but mainly just some scheduling items."


Along with reconstructing the road, CentraCare had to demolish three homes on the site, which will allow for addition green space around the property.

When completed the road will provide better traffic flow.

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