I'm always curious about what people would like to see as far as restaurants go in this area.  I ask this because it seems like St. Cloud has cornered the market in fast food restaurants.  And also in chicken places. We have like 5 within about 6 blocks of each other. So, I wanted to know what people around the area wanted to see here that isn't a fast food restaurant

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I must say that I'm a bit surprised by the results.  There were several comments, and some people didn't follow the instructions (commented that they did want some sort of a fast food restaurant), but the most common request was DENNYS.  Really?  Dennys?  We have Perkins.  Isn't that essentially the same thing?  Obviously that is just me considering how many of you wanted a Dennys.

Some people did mention that they would like a higher end, or just a better steakhouse.  I do agree that a few more steakhouses would be good.  That type of a place always seems to do well in this area where meat and potatoes are the main course in many family homes.

I am surprised also with how many (along with fast food) Mexican restaurants are here in the area.  Again, some better than others.  Some of the other restaurants that came in as a request was Cracker Barrel - they really do have great breakfast options.  Also a huge request (as in many people commenting) was Golden Corral.  Golden Corral definitely has a lot for your money with many choices.  The problem I have with it is that it shows up with violations with the health department frequently.  But if you are in the mood for a lot of variety - that is the place for you!

And there were a couple people who mentioned that we need some more "mom and pop" restaurants.  I love that idea too, but every time there are those types of restaurants, people think that they are too expensive.  There have a been a few that have popped up, and they wind up closing within a couple of years.  Some have stuck around, that those restaurants are great.

You can see the entire thread here.  See what you would add to the list.

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