Some new faces will join some veterans from Central Minnesota in the state legislature in January.

In the State Senate...

In Senate District 13, incumbent Republican Michelle Fischbach easily defeated DFLer Peggy Boeck in Senate District 13 by roughly a 2-to-1 margin.

In Senate District 14, voters returned John Pederson to office. The incumbent Republican beat DFLer Jerry McCarter by nearly a 10-point margin.

King Banaian (Photo: Lee Voss)

In the State House...

A shocker in District 14-B, where Republican King Banaian will be returning to the classroom. The incumbent lost to DFLer Zach Dorholt by more than 10-points.

The House seat in District 13-A that was vacated by DFLer Larry Hosch in St. Joseph will now be filled by Republican Jeff Howe of Rockville. He beat DFL challenger Richard Bohannon of Cold Spring.

In House District 13-B, incumbent Republican Tim O'Driscoll will return to the Capitol, easily fending-off a challenge by DFLer Shannon Schroeder.

In District 14-A, Republican incumbent Steve Gottwalt was re-elected, by defeating DFLer Anne Nolan.