A few weeks ago, I took the Minnesota Permit to Carry course. So I asked you if you'd ever consider carrying a loaded firearm yourself - and after almost 200 votes, the results are in.

Taking the Minnesota Permit to Carry course was definitely an eye-opener for me. Growing up, I have always been exposed to firearms. I started tagging along hunting with my dad at the age of 11, and took my firearm safety course at 12. I am a huge whitetail deer hunter, along with pheasant whenever possible. I have used handguns for the same amount of time – and always thought it would be a good idea to get my conceal and carry permit.

Ava Lynn, Townsquare Media
Ava Lynn, Townsquare Media

Even if someone does not want to carry a gun on them, the class to get your permit is a great learning tool. There are so many things that go into the judicial system (and what gives you the right to use deadly force against someone) that it’s mind-boggling. I highly recommend everyone to take the class!

So how many Central Minnesotans agree with me? Check out the results below!

  • Absolutely! It's a great idea to keep yourself protected. 52.88%
  • I already have my Permit to Carry. 29.84%
  • I think taking the class is a good idea, at least. 11.52%
  • I am not 100% sure I would want the responsibility! 1.57%
  • No, never! I am totally against people carrying loaded firearms. 1.57%
  • Guns should be illegal! 0%
  • Other: 2.62%

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! If you'd like to check out what it's like to take the MN Permit to Carry course, here's my previous article!