Back in college, we once tried out the beer and cereal combo when we were out of milk, and it did NOT go well. Thankfully, an amateur brewer armed with actual knowledge has found the perfect way to merge the two by creating beer made from Sugar Puffs cereal. Finally, a way to get tanked at breakfast.

Since the cereal is packed with honey and fermentable sugars, it wasn't a far stretch for homebrewer John Wright to turn it into a deliciously awesome alcoholic beverage. John says you just combine the cereal with some malt, yeast and hops and you'll be rewarded with a "clean, hoppy" beer, which sounds perfect for satisfying an early-morning binge, although we're not sure we buy the whole "easy" part. We just combined all of that stuff in our kitchen and we're clearly missing some important steps, unless this kind of beer is supposed to be chunky?

Some might object to the use of Sugar Puffs, as opposed to a "better-tasting" or "healthier" cereal, and to those jerks we would say, "shut up." We'd love to see an Apple Jacks hard cider next, with the slogan "We Drink What We Like," but any way you slice it, drinking Sugar Puffs is a lot better than actually eating them, especially if booze is involved.

Take a hike, mimosas. We just found our new best breakfast buddy.