Typically, I'm not a huge fan of change, unless it's like my underwear. During the pandemic, there have been many changes we have had to get accustomed to, whether we like them or not. There a some that might be here to stay.  Some kind of suck but some I may be able to learn to like.

GPs Adapt Patient Care To Reduce Coronavirus Risks
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Working from home. Although I haven't been doing this, I can see where it would be a nice way to go. It just might become the norm for many. My daughter has been working from home since March and absolutely loves it. Maybe I can talk my boss into letting me broadcast from the comfort of home.

Watching new releases from home.  I don't think movie theaters will ever go away but it sounds like, in the future, new releases may be "On Demand" sooner than later. With the giant TV's, that are relatively inexpensive, catching the latest flix at home may be the new norm.

Grocery delivery.  I've only done this a few times but with my reluctance to shop in public, I think I could get used to just having my groceries delivered. BTW, alcohol deliveries are way up around the country.

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Doctor Zoom?  Going to the doctor can be especially scary during this pandemic. Although they seem to be pretty thorough about safety, a check up via video would be extremely convenient. It would also allow doctors to see more patients, making getting a appointment much easier.

More outdoor dining.  This may not be a great year round option for us in Minnesota. It would be great to have more outdoor options during the few good months of nice weather we get here.

See, all changes aren't so bad. Hopefully most thing will get back to the old normal but these changes can stay, as far as I'm concerned.

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