FOLEY -- A recently unsealed Benton County court complaint alleges a woman who was arrested in California for the murder of a St. Cloud man is a prostitute who drugged, robbed and shot her victim.

Twenty-four-year-old Cheryl Albert is charged with two counts of second degree murder and one count of third degree murder in the June 2015 killing of Keletigui Keita.

According to the criminal complaint, Albert was a known escort who went by the name "Naija Princess". Witnesses say Keita saw her three or four times per month.

Police found Keita dead of a gunshot wound to the abdomen on June 9th. His east St. Cloud apartment was missing several items including an iPhone, apple computer, watches and coins. Albert's fingerprints were found on two glasses in the bedroom. At least one of the glasses contained the drug commonly known as Xanax.

Keita's autopsy determined he had alcohol and Xanax in his system and friends of Albert told investigators it was common for her to drug her clients and rob them.

Court records show Albert admitted to at least two people that she had robbed a "trick" in St. Cloud, killed him and was fleeing to Louisville, Kentucky.

Investigators later found Keita's watches in a pickup driven by a Minneapolis man who was considered Albert's pimp.

Nearly a month later, Louisville Police interviewed Albert about a warrant out of Minneapolis for bad checks. Albert told police she didn't kill anyone, but officers had not asked about a murder. When told about Keita's death later in the interview, Albert allegedly gave conflicting statements about their relationship.

Records don't indicate how or when Albert got from Kentucky to California. She was arrested at the Los Angeles Airport last week and is awaiting extradition to Minnesota.

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