I thought I had a lot of shoes- seriously, it's an issue.  If you include all of the sandals and such I probably have a couple hundred pairs of shoes.  YIKES.  Even I think that's obsessive.  But everyone has their things.

Prince- he also had his collection of shoes.  ALL of them at least 3-4 inch heels.  At least the ones on display are.  I'm sure he had other shoes that weren't heels, but those weren't worn in public.  Prince was not tall- everyone knows that.  He was about 5'4", if that, actually.  So, he wore heels all of the time.  Which made him around 5'7" or so.  Still not that tall for a dude.  And quite honestly, if he hadn't worn those shoes with heels so much, would he have had all of the issues he did with his hips?  We won't really know.

But whatever the case, those shoes are now on display at Paisly Park.  This collection is pretty amazing too.

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According to a press release- the exhibit, which is called The Beautiful Collection: Prince's Custom Shoes went on display on the 9th- last Friday, and will be now included in every tour of Paisley Park.  Prince's shoes represented his artistic expression and certainly his personality.  Not sure anyone else would have been able to pull those off.  Anyone who saw Prince in these shoes would be like- "yeah, that's Prince".  Not even unusual for him.

There are about 300 pairs of shoes on display.  And many of them are associated with some of the songs- and videos.  You will recognize them as the ones you saw him wearing in videos, at award events and shows.

Tickets for tours are available on the Paisley Park website.

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