While this winter, so far, has been snowless, the conditions are great for some evening holiday light viewing. Bundle up the family, jump into the car, and find your favorite.

While you're out, snap a picture of some of your favorites and send it to us! We'll keep adding to this list, so you'll always have new places to check out!

Businesses, let us know about your light displays as well!

Let us know by emailing here!

Be sure to include your name (if you take a picture) and a rough address of the display.

Have fun, be polite, and enjoy the season!

Here's our list so far!

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    The Bulbs of Becker

    10221 18th Ave , Becker, MN.

    Starting in the winter of 2020, this family in Becker has put on a holiday lights show with a purpose. It is truly a family affair, with a main show featuring over 20,000 lights synced to music, and a second show featuring more traditional lights and inflatables curated by the couple's eight-year-old son.

    Every year, the family partners with a local organization to help fundraise during the show. This year, Chis Lindbloom says they've teamed with Becker Backpack Buddies. 

    We always make it a mission to pay it forward. So this year, we are working with the Becker Backpack Buddies, which is an awesome nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers who get together to pack snacks and meals for children in our school system who don't have access to nutritional meals or snacks outside of the normal school day that they'll send home with them on weekends or during breaks from school.

    Bulbs of Becker runs from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursday, and 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

    Photo: Bulbs of Becker/Facebook
    Photo: Bulbs of Becker/Facebook
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    City of Foley Christmas Lighting Contest

    Throughout Foley, MN.

    The 2023 City of Foley Christmas Lighting Contest runs through December 10th. All residents in Foley city limits are automatically enrolled. Judging will take place evenings through December 10th by a panel of secret judges.

    Foley Administrative and Communication Assistant Sara Judson-Brown says the winners will be notified by mail, as well as announced on the city's social media pages.

    The three residential winners will get a letter in the mail, announcing their prize and congratulating them on their festive display. We will also announce those winners on our social media and website. One business winner will be recognized for their efforts and they will get a certificate that they can display for bragging rights.


    Photo: City of Foley
    Photo: City of Foley
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    Lights in the Country


    Lights In The Country 

    36252 245th Ave, Albany, MN 56307
    Mon-Thurs 5 pm-10 pm
    Fri-Sun 5 pm-12 am
    Open every night depending on weather from 11-23-23 thru 1-7-24
    Lights In The Country is a drive-thru light display that started in 2016. This display was inspired by and dedicated to my grandmother. Driving around every year to go see Christmas lights was a tradition we loved! As she got older and it became more difficult for her to travel I decided to put lights up on my 40-acre property so she would have something much closer to home for her to enjoy. As we drove through the first year, I could see how much joy it brought her as I saw the sparkle in her eyes and her amazing smile. Unfortunately, that was her last year with us but it inspired me to continue the lights and open for others to have something closer to home. With lights lining the driveway guiding you through you are surrounded by lights in the trees and homemade decorations and then finish off with a parking lot to sit watch and enjoy Lights synchronized to music. The display has become a tradition for many with the nursing homes, group homes, and the VA bringing out their residents as well! The display continues to be free for all and gets better every year but that wouldn't be possible without the help of visitors donations.
    Submitted Photo
    Submitted Photo
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    Detersland Lights

    11159 Nikolas Ave, Becker, MN

    Detersland Lights has been running for roughly 6 years.

    This is a whole family extravaganza, we put in about  80 hours of work to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Detersland Lights has 30,000 lights synchronized to music with a singing reindeer, 20-foot mega tree, 9 foot ferris wheel, and many home made displays.

    Detersland Lights run every night from 5-11 pm until January 1st.

    Submitted Photo
    Submitted Photo

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