Riding this bike would be all fun and games until the seat comes off...

A video shared to the Minnesota thread of Reddit has us wondering aloud "Why?" Titled "Cycling on Ice," this isn't your average run-of-the-mill wintertime fat tire bike; rather, this bike features no tires at all...as they've been replaced by giant saw blades! Impressively, the 37-second video shows a man riding his ice-cycle around a frozen lake with relative ease.

Cycling on Ice from r/Damnthatsinteresting

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While certainly a creative idea, most in the video's comment section have been quick to point out how dangerous the bike actually is.

"All fun and games until the seat comes off," said one.

"Pretty cool until you wipe out and open an artery," added another.

"Fat bikes are useful for snow conditions and more obtainable," suggested a third, more reasonably. While we don't know who the blades-for-tires bike idea belongs to, a video posted to Youtube in 2019 by the Beyond the Press channel shows some folks in Finland trying out the same idea -- with a car! Swapping out the tires for saw blades, a pair of Finns drive a full-size Legacy Hatchback Subaru around Lake Nasijarvi.

What do you think -- would you give the bike a try?

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