When I was a teenage hoodlum, my friends and I were knee deep into the skateboarding counterculture. The skate scene made a huge comeback in the early 2000s and my buddies and I loved it.

Some of the best times of my life were just spent riding around town or trying to learn new tricks. It was a fun time in our lives. I remember distinctly that one event that we all got together for was the X-Games.

If you aren’t familiar with them, the X-Games are basically the Olympics for sports that are against the mainstream, like BMX and skateboarding. It was a big event to me as a younger person.

I used to throw X-Games parties and my friends and I all dreamed of being there in person. It looks like now I’m going to get to fulfill that childhood dream, because the X-Games are coming to U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis) this year from July 19th – 22nd. You can buy your tickets online right now.

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