Redhead Creamery is known for making some really, really good cheese. Located in Brooten, Minnesota, the company has taken home awards annually at the state, national and world levels for its cheeses.


Redhead Creamery's North Fork Whiskey Washed Munster cheese took first place in the Cheese category at the 2021 Good Food Awards on Friday.


Redhead Creamery was one of 24 cheesemakers up for the award. The cheese previously won first place in 2018 and third place in 2019 at the Minnesota State Fair cheese and butter competition in the artisan category.


This year, Redhead Creamery announced it would expand its capacity and add a milk-based distillery.

Needless to say, the folks at Redhead Creamery know what they are doing when it comes to cheese... so why not enjoy it during the holiday season.

Introducing the '12 Days of Cheese-mas' Advent Calendar, which is now available!!

Unlock a dozen holiday surprises with our 12 Days of Cheesemas Advent Calendar! Crafted with our cheesiest friend, Megan from Milk Made Catering, this special calendar is bursting with Redhead Creamery Cheeses and tantalizing pairings to explore. Enjoy a Brie s'more? Maple pan fried curds? Let your senses go wild this Holidays and give the perfect gift to your favorite cheese aficionado or surprise-loving friend!


The calendars are typically available within 24 hours of ordering.  The cost of the calendar is $125.

Box includes 12, 2 ounce unique Redhead Creamery cheeses and pairings specifically designed to create a tasty flavor experience for each day. Items are purposely left as a surprise, as not enough things in life are!


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