China Star.  It's a buffet.  And it's very popular in the St. Cloud area.  But again, a buffet.  How are they able to open for dine-in?


China Star Chinese Buffet announced earlier this month that they would be open for dine in later this month.... and now have reopened.  I was wondering how in this world of social distance, and enhanced sanitation would they able to do this?  Well, they did get pretty creative.

If you are one of the few people that haven't been to this restaurant, let me tell you that they have more buffet options than any restaurant I have seen.  So, again, how are they handling this COVID-19 time?  Here's how... according to their Facebook page, they will be serving you.  But they are also open to take out orders, if you'd like to continue with that option.

How much are you craving some yummy Chinese food?  It's been voted one of the best buffets in Central Minnesota.  So, check it out!

And maybe this is the way buffets will be from now on.  It's like when you were in elementary school and had to go through the lunch line.  But hey, it's working!

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