I've been doing this deal... a version of it, anyway for years and now it's starting to catch on here.

Chen Ping-hung, ThinkStock
Chen Ping-hung, ThinkStock

This is what I am talking about- fries (what they call chips across the pond) on your sandwich or burger.  I literally put a few fries on my burger and then eat it that way.  Just like you would any other thing that you add to a burger or sandwich... like cheese, tomato, lettuce, FRIES!  I know it sounds weird, and people that have seen me do it always give me a bit of grief for it.  But until you try it, you will never know the deliciousness that can be yours.

Now, what they have been doing across the pond is a bit different.  It's actually just fries between two slices of bread. Not sure I'm totally on board with this idea, but I'm willing to try it just for the sake of my idea.

So, next time you have a chance, put some fries ON your burger or sandwich.  It's gooooooooddddd.  Not sure about just a fry sandwich, though.

And I should have tried to make it a thing here a long time ago.... missed opportunity.... again.

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