Non-alcoholic beer has come a long way in a very short amount of time. Just a few years ago, any n/a beer I tried needed a shot of lemon juice to make it palatable. Times have changed, and in this case I'm all for it!

November's non-alcoholic beer of the month comes from Grüvi, which offers a good selection of n/a beer and wine (I guess non-alcoholic wine is NOT just grape juice).

I still love the dark brews, so I gave their Mocha Nitro Stout a try.

Mocha Nitro Stout from Gruvi
Clear labeling is my kink (Image by Choad)

Grüvi claims that their Mocha Nitro Stout is good for brisk morning walks, gooey s'mores, cinnamon coffee cake, and aprés in the ski lodge...whatever the heck that is. Go ahead and Google it.

The pouring process rivals that of a Guinness draught, which is half the fun to me. Grüvi instructs you to shake it well, and then "pour aggressively into glass". I've...never felt the need to pour a beer aggressively, even when I was really thirsty.

But I do what I'm told, damnit.

(Image by Choad)
(Image by Choad)

Nitro is so fun to watch. I'm easily entertained and not in denial.

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This brew (not-brew?) is smooth and creamy, with a flavor that isn't overpowering. If anything, I wouldn't mind a little more oomph with the flavor, but at the same time it's a tasty beverage that isn't packed with sugar (only 8g per can) and only 90 calories.

It's a good dessert or after-dinner beer. I found this at Total Wine & Spirits.

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