ST. CLOUD - For the fourth time Chris Hawkey is headlining Summertime by George, and this year he will be bringing new music to the stage. Country Underneath is Hawkey's latest album, and it came out just this year. One of the songs on the album is also called "Country Underneath", and Hawkey says this song has a strong message about how all music got it's start in Rhythm and Blues, and that's it's okay to like all forms of music. Country Underneath just came out this year, and Hawkey says you’ll hear all the songs off his new album at Summertime by George.

We've had such a great time in the St. Cloud area. We've had an opportunity to let people get to know our music. We will play the entire Country Underneath record, with maybe a couple of exceptions. We'll play the first solo record, we'll mix in a couple of covers just to keep people interested.

When Hawkey went down to Nashville this last time to work on the new album, he looked for songs that he felt were earnest, and he says he found great songs.

They're songs that I can look people in the eye and sing and feel good about, and feel as if I'm communicating an actual feeling I'm having. We've been able to do that. This new record is I think is another level higher for me as far as the song writing goes, the performances go, and the level of heart inside the songs themselves.

The Chris Hawkey Band will take the stage at 6:30 p.m. Opening tonight's show is acoustic artist Andy Austin who start at 5:00 p.m.

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