When I was a kid I loved a good mystery. I watched "Inspector Gadget" and "Spy Kids" religiously and spent an insane amount of my poor parent’s money on “Spy Gear” toys (90’s kids know what I’m talking about.) I even went through a phase when I thought I wanted to be a spy or secret agent when I grew up.

I was nothing short of obsessed when it came to solving mysteries. One of my favorite activities as a young spy in training was playing the classic board game “Clue.” I made my mom play the Harry Potter version of this game with me about twenty times a week. I was obsessed.

As an adult, I haven’t played it in quite some time, but I still have rather fond memories of it. Needless to say my inner child was pretty thrilled when I stumbled onto “Clue: The Musical – Dinner Theatre.” The name of the event is pretty self explanatory.

The board game will come to life in an innovative immersive staging of dinner and a show on a life-sized Clue game board. With 216 possible solutions, no two performances will be the same. You can catch showings at the Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre in Waite Park from April 27th through May 20th. Tickets are only $67 a piece and are on sale now.

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