CLEARWATER --  Walking trails and archery targets, Clearwater is getting a new park featuring both this spring.

An archery park will open in the rest area on County Road 75 near the Clearwater River. City Adminstrator Kevin Kress says designs for the targets and trails have yet to be finalized.

"We'll probably go with anywhere between 10-20 targets, the idea was it would be a walk through 3D range that would also include a stationary area where people can stand and shoot without walking. And we're kind of exploring the idea now, so we'll have to how this first year ends up going, how much interest there is and then we can adjust as we go on."

Kress says Clearwater and Wright County will work together to maintain the park.

"By November 2016 we had both the city and the county board in agreement that this [the archery park] would be a good idea for the city and the county to collaborate on this project, bring the city a new amenity and share some of the maintenance costs of this area."

The park is still in its planning stages but is expected to open by May 1.

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