Times are getting tougher all over.  We've been hearing about a worker shortage in all industries.  Businesses have been having to shorten hours whether it's been the restaurant industry, retail, and now, grocery stores.

Effective immediately, Coborns and Cash Wise will reduce their hours from 6am to Midnight to 6am to 10pm close.  You may have already noticed this change if you have been grocery shopping recently.  The signs have been on the doors at every grocery store for a few days.

One of the nice things about those stores being open at the later times was being able to shop with almost no one else in the store.  I don't know about everyone else, but I find it therapeutic shopping when you basically have the entire store to yourself.  It's so much easier to find items you need, you can get through the checkout so much faster too.

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How long will this change be effective?  Count on it being that way for the foreseeable future.

The safety protocols will remain in effect as well.  The employees will continue to wear masks, although they do not require their guests/customers to wear a mask, that is still a personal choice.  They will also continue to disinfect areas in between shoppers, and will continue to have the plastic dividers up at the cash wraps.  That does not include the self-checkout.  If you are more comfortable with curbside pick-up, that and the no contact delivery will continue.

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