This cold and snowy weather we have forecast for the next couple of days has me thinking about staying in, with a good book, or binge on Netflix with a blanket wrapped around me and comfy pants.  Oh, slippers too.  AND comfort food!!!

What's your go-to for that?  I immediately think of something like Mac and Cheese, Chili is always a good one too.

Those two didn't even make the top 5!  I don't understand how that is possible.  Seriously.  Who doesn't like chili?

Charles Brutlag/Thinkstock

It's hot, fills you up and above all, it tastes good!!!  I mean, I could even go for some ice cream.  Yes, I know, it's cold out and all that sort of thing, but ice cream is always good.  And you guessed it, ice cream doesn't make the list.

Not that that's surprising.  Does adding some hot fudge make it sound more appealing?  Maybe.

So whatever you like as your comfort food... could be having the pizza guy brave the weather instead of venturing out yourself... enjoy.

Out of the Oven Pepperoni Pizza

By the way, having the pizza guy drive out in this and deliver sounds like a capital idea.  Just don't forget to tip the young lad or lass.