Okay, you leave the store with your cart of stuff. You then unload the cart into your vehicle and then what? If you put the cart in the cart corral, where you are supposed to put it, you are a good person in my book.

I think we can learn a lot about a person by whether or not they put their shopping cart where it belongs or just leaves it in the parking lot. With colder temps now here, it will only get worse.

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Besides creating more work for store employees, the abandoned cart in the middle of the parking lot is a hazard. Sometimes it's taking up a parking space. On a windy day it could blow into someone's car and scratch and/or dent it.

There should be a place to return shopping carts. Oh yeah, there is!

I realize there are legit reasons one might just abandon their cart. If they are disabled and getting the cart to the corral is too much. Or, if you have kids in the car and you don't feel safe leaving them unattended while you return the cart.

One excuse that doesn't fly is that by leaving your cart wherever, you are giving the store employees something to do to keep busy. That's pretty lame in my book. Then there is the person that has actually convinced themselves that they are "creating jobs".  That one doesn't fly, either.

So, if you are able, return your cart and bask in the good karma you have created by being a good person. Thank you!

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