We always hear about how people have a great talent... or maybe you just want to see if you do have a talent that people would enjoy witnessing.  Here is your chance.

Every Wednesday, Lost Times Tavern in Sauk Rapids will be hosting an "open mic night".  So if you have always wanted to do a stand up comedy routine, or if you have a great voice and can sing, or maybe you have some other talent - a dramatic reading of something, or maybe you want to try out to be a ventriloquist, or whatever the case may be, this could be your chance to be discovered.  Or at least to have a great time.

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Lost Times Tavern is located on Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids, and recently they have been adding more than just great food items to their menu.  They have also been adding several events throughout the week to keep you entertained and coming back for more.

During Open Mic Nights on Wednesdays from 7:30-10pm you can also take advantage of dollar chicken wings (until 8:30), $4 wells, and fun entertainment.


Even if getting up on the mic to do your thing isn't your thing, it would still be a great time to watch others doing just that.  What else you have going on in the Winter on a Wednesday night.  Might as well see if you can pick out the "next big star".  It could happen.  Stranger things have happened in the past. right?

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