I've always been a big fan of Dave Chappelle. Mostly because he's so damn funny and original but also because he has an extra dose of class. I remember when Comedy Central offered him 50 million to do another year of the Dave Chappelle show and he turned it down due to "creative interference" by the network. He said later "Try going home some day and telling your wife that you just turned down 50 million dollars".

Anyway, last week, a lady bought tickets for a Dave Chappelle comedy show. She paid several hundred dollars to get special seats because her husband is in a wheelchair. It turned out the tickets were fake and this couple was out their money.


Well, live and learn, right?  They decided to just do dinner with friends since the Chappelle show was a no go.

While having dinner in a restaurant with friends, in walks Dave Chappelle himself. In his hand he had tickets for the group to come to his show.

Check out the video below

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