Do you want to add "Chief Holiday Cheermeister" to your resume? Here's the perfect way to do just that. is looking for one lucky person to watch twenty-five holiday movies in twenty-five days in exchange for $2,500 bucks. This seems like my dream come true. Ha!

If you are the lucky one chosen for the gig, you will not only get cash for the hard work you put in, but you will also get access to seven different streaming services for an entire year. Therefore, you can spend your entire year watching cheesy Christmas movies across an array of different streaming services, even when December ends.

If you do score the gig, you will need to have a television or computer where you can stream said holiday movies. You will also have to watch 25 holiday movies in a 25-day span, as mentioned above. After each one, you have to fill out a short survey on the film.

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The list of movies you have to watch will include classics, with a few New Years themed movies tossed in there. Movies included in the list include The Holiday, The Polar Express and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The application is open until Friday, December 4th at midnight. All you need in order to apply is fill out a short application here. You also must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States.

In the meantime, you can watch a bunch of different holiday movies to get yourself warmed up. In fact, a new Christmas original movie just dropped on Netflix and in the film, they poke fun at Wisconsin. You could also check out the romantic Christmas movie that was filmed in Minnesota earlier this year.

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