There has been a lot of heat around the police here in Minnesota and also around the country.  There has been talk about defunding the police and adding a different looking force to fight crime and to keep people in check.  I'm not sure exactly how that would work, but that is a conversation on the table.

Mayor De Blasio Discusses Use Of Police Body Cameras At Police Academy In Queens
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There is also the problem of what to do if you are pulled over and you have a gun, legally, in your possession.  You do need to let the police know that it's there, but if you reach for it, they may think you are reaching for a weapon to use on them and may react as though there is a threat.  This is not the desired outcome.  So, what do you do?

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There has been some information added to the Minnesota Driver's Manual regarding this situation.  This change is coming 4 years after Philando Castile was fatally shot during this scenario.

What to do:

The manual also goes into detail about what to expect when you are pulled over for a traffic violation.  As far as that goes- I'm well versed.  Sometimes I may or may not have had a lead foot.  I've been working on that one.  But, here is what to expect from police when pulled over:

  • The officer will greet you and identify themselves as a law enforcement officer (I haven't actually had this happen- usually it's "hi there, do you know why I've pulled you over?)
  • The officer will ask for your driver's license and proof of insurance (I usually try and have this info ready for them)
  • The officer will inform you of the reason they stopped you and explain the circumstances for issuance of the citation or warning (this usually happens after the next point, they check stuff and then come back and tell you if you are getting a ticket or a warning.  Always good when you get a warning).
  • The officer will check the validity and authenticity of your driver's license

Over the weekend, you may have seen the protests and vigils that were held in Philando Castile's honor.  This is a situation that they are trying to avoid in the future, and this is why the guidance has now been published in the Minnesota Driver's Manual.  

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