Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer along with the rest of the Minnesota Republican Delegation, Chairwoman Foxx, and Chairmen Thompson and Comer sent a letter regarding the Feeding Our Future scandal to United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

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Emmer says this scandal involved Federal money that went to Feeding Our Future starting in March of 2020.  He says it was discovered in 2022 the organization called Feeding Our Future in Minneapolis took at least $250 Million from the Federal Child Nutrition program. Emmer says that money, that was intended to help feed kids, was stolen.

Emmer acknowledges that people have been charged in this case but he and others in the Minnesota delegation want to know how the State of Minnesota and Federal Government allowed this to happen.  Secretary Vilsack's response to Emmer and others isn't acceptable to Emmer.  He says Vilsack seems to be blaming the Minnesota Department of Education but in the next sentence he claims the USDA is committed to accountability.

Over 60 individuals have been charged in this alleged fraud against the Federal Government.  Emmer feels Minnesotans deserve more answers as to how this type of thing could go on.  He wants to know how no one in the State or Federal Government knew this was happening before a quarter of a Billions dollars was given to this group.  Emmer says it is important that everyone who is responsible is held accountable.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Tom Emmer it is available below.



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