Yeah, I know, a lot of us are "full of it" but now maybe more than ever. If you are experiencing that plugged up, irregular feeling, you're not alone. Many are feeling the same thing but at least we aren't blowing through all that toilet paper we stocked up on.


Your constipation may be due to the affect the quarantine is having on your natural rhythms and habits.

Quote, "When we're at home, sitting around and not staying active or engaging in our usual routine, colonic motility . . . the process by which the colon contracts to propel feces along . . . decreases.  That causes constipation."


Suggestions to "get things moving" again; get yourself out for regular walks at least 5 days a week, stay hydrated, eat more fiber, do whatever relaxes you. yoga, vodka meditation (okay, I may have just thrown that vodka thing in there).

Next time someone accuses you of being full of it, blame it on the pandemic.


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