This pandemic has been going crazy.  There are so many things that are claimed that are false.  Some are real, but a lot of them are conspiracy theories and some might just be something that some "want" to happen.

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This brings me to the contact tracing app on your iPhone or Android device.  The claim is that there will be an app that you will have to opt in for.  Then, if you contract the virus, the health department will be able to see who you have come in contact with, and trace it back to a possible source.  Question is... will this actually happen?  It seems like it could, right?  But wouldn't that be a huge invasion of privacy?  But then, if this was real, you would have to opt in for the service.

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This seems so real... yet crazy.  So I looked a bit further into it.  And I found this...

This article is from USA Today dated May 17th, and says that it will not happen.  And why?  Well, simply because it IS an invasion of privacy.  This statement was made about the claim:

Although, with this even showing to be false, do you think it could happen?  I do.  I think that even if this is false for NOW, it seems like it could totally be the next technology that will be available. Now I sound like some of those people that think there is a conspiracy.

Stay healthy!!

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