I know that Baxter and i correct grammar all of the time, but this might be taking it a bit too far.


Someone actually took the time to correct the grammar in song titles.  Normally, if this were just someone that was speaking and used the incorrect way in a sentence I would be all about it, but this just makes things weird.  Maybe there should be an exception when it comes to lyrics??  Sometimes the correct way just doesn't sound as good as the incorrect way.  For instance... U2 song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" should be "I Still Haven't Found for What I was Looking".  That just sounds stupid.  Singing that lyric is just ridiculous.  Here's another one... James Brown "I Feel Good" should actually be "I Feel Well".  NOT!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

So, for as much as Baxter and I both correct people's grammar... songs should be off limits.  We give them a pass.  Carry On....