If you're like me, you're eyes popped out of your head when you saw "New Episodes" in Netflix for Orange Is The New Black yesterday.

We officially started the 1st day of summer, the evening temp is perfect, and the smell of grilled dinner is everywhere in my neighborhood in Sartell. All my neighbors are having fun, and what am I doing? Duh! I'm fidgeting about going inside and turning on the new season of this awesome series.

I gave it until 8pm, and finally pulled my wife and dogs inside (not caring I had the only un-mowed lawn in the city), flipped up the recliner while sipping my favorite adult beverage, and hit play on this Netflix Original series that was tempting me for weeks about it's new season coming. Now I'm hoping for rain so I don't feel so bad about being a couch potato.

This won't last for long. Once I've binged watched for 2 days, I'm sure to finish the entire season and I'll be back outside like a normal human being. Maybe that makes me abnormal to be outside 3 days after a new season of 'Orange' comes out?

If you're wondering what the hype is about, watch this...