There have always been people who are trying their best to find the most creative, romantic and unusual ways to ask the perfect person for their hand in marriage.  This one definitely fits the unusual part, and maybe even the creative part.  But romantic??  I'm not sure I'd like a ring offered to me in this fashion.  

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What if it gets all gunky??  You aren't supposed to take the ol' toothbrush to your rings anymore.  How ya gonna clean the thing?

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There is even a gross factor applied to this idea as well.

Maybe it's the new thing that vegetarians and Vegans are doing.  Maybe I'm just missing the "new thing" and I need to get on board so to speak.  That isn't out of the realm of possibility. Hey- this is cool!  Try it, and make sure to get it done before the things starts to turn brown, because that would just be a bummer.

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I hear wedding bells!  And it can be turned into a tasty treat too.

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Guac, anyone?