2020...going to be known probably as the year of basically nothing other than the pandemic.  And everything being cancelled.  Businesses are struggling, in some cases, and unemployment is at some crazy levels.

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Now, and actually it's been going on for a few weeks, but is becoming a bit more widespread- a COVID-19 surcharge.  You won't know it's coming.  It's just added at the bottom of your bill.  It's generally not even mentioned.  It kind of reminds me of added gratuity.  Like if you had like 8 or more people, gratuity is automatically added.  But in those cases, it's usually stated on a sign somewhere in the restaurant.

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How much is the extra surcharge?  Usually it's just a dollar or two, but it is at the restaurant's discretion.  And some places will have a sign stating that people may be charged the surcharge, but what if you just get take-out or delivery?  You may be hit with the charge without knowing or expecting it. It's not like it's the big of a charge, but people may be upset with not being asked or consulted first.  It's been suggested that it should be at the purchaser's discretion, not the restaurant's.  Kind of like deciding how much you would tip.

What exactly is the surcharge used for?  According to an article on CNET.com it will be used for their extra charges.

How do you feel about being asked to pay this in some cases?  Would you object at the charge and try to have it removed?

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