There’s literally no reason in the world to drink bad beer anymore. Gone are the days when all you could find was watered-down swill made by megalithic corporations. The craft brewing tradition is back in America, and there are literally thousands of amazing beers out there waiting for you. But how do you find them?

Three words: Craft Beer App. This essential iPhone software is a drinker’s guide to the United States, pinpointing the location of craft breweries, brewpubs and more anywhere in the country. For less than a buck, you get a seriously insane amount of features, including user-submitted reviews, video tours of brewpubs, GPS location of nearby beers and more. They also update it regularly using a seamless process that doesn’t interrupt your beer browsing.

If you’re serious about beer, you need to have this baby on your iPhone. Never drink a can of barely-alcoholic water again.