Oh yes – Beer. The sweet, delicious, supple nectar of the gods. I love it. Although for most of my adult life I’ve played it safe by drinking big brands (primarily Guinness, with the occasional Blue Moon or Hoegaarden thrown into the mix) lately I’ve been drinking more craft beer.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like when I drink a craft beer I can taste all the love and hard work that went into. You can taste authenticity (wow, honestly that wouldn’t a bad slogan for a craft beer company, just sayin’.) The flavors in craft beverages seem to more nuanced and detailed to the big brand counterparts.

Lately I’ve been taking up any opportunity I can to expand my horizons and try more of them, which is why I’m pretty excited for Craft Brew Fest tomorrow (June 16th) at Whiting Park in Winnebago. There will be beer sampling, wine testing, food and entertainment. It lasts from 2 pm to 5 pm and you can get tickets online now for $25 or for $30 at the door.

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