There's been a lot of misheard lyrics, i.e., Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" "scuse me while I kiss the sky" we hear "scuse me while I kiss this guy". I mean there's a lot of them out there but what was CCR really saying in "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"

It's a pretty high percentage of misheard lyrics believe it or not, at least one per song.


Another good example is "there's a bathroom on the right" versus "there's a bad moon on the rise" or how about Toto's "I left my brains down in Africa" when it's really "I blessed the rains down in Africa" and one more that created issues for Black Sabbath (Ozzy), their song 'Paranoid" with the lyrics, "I tell you to end your life, I wish I could but it's too late" but he's really singing, "I tell you to ENJOY life, I wish I could I could but it's too late."

The following Creedence Clearwater Revival song, 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain", let's put it this way the entire song suffered from misheard lyrics. Check out the attached video with misheard lyrics and pictures that fit: