BRAINERD (WJON News) -- Crow Wing County Commissioners have passed a resolution in opposition to redesigning the Minnesota state flag and seal.

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During its meeting Tuesday morning, they heard from residents on the issue. State Representative Ben Davis of Merrifield thanked the commissioners for taking a stand.

This is an issue where metropolitan politicians have shut out the voice of greater Minnesota. I just wanted to thank you folks for being a voice not just for Crow Wing County but for all of greater Minnesota.

Board Chair Jon Lubke also read comments from a number of messages he's received from his constituents who don't think the county should be weighing in on the state flag and seal.

Just so that there is another side to the story, there are people out there who aren't here but have sent stuff.  "I hope this issue doesn't distract the Crow Wing County commissioners away from the issues of the county".  I wanted to make sure that was read for the public to hear.

Three Crow Wing County commissioners voted in favor of the resolution, one voted against it, and one voted 'present'.

Minnesota State Seal
Minnesota State Seal

The resolution urges the state legislature and the governor to reject the work of the State Emblems Redesign Commission and asks they retain the existing state flag seal.

The Minnesota State Legislature is expected to vote on the proposed new state flag and seal designs during the upcoming session.


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