Well, this is sad.  A product that is supposed to be cute and fun for kids at Christmas time has the potential to injure the user, to the point of seeking some medical attention.

The offending product is a "Letters to Santa" mailbox.  It was available at Target for $5 and they came in two colors, red and white.  They were sold between the months of October and November of last year. Target sold approximately just over 174,000 of these mailboxes.

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What happens?  How were people hurt by this product? According to Bring Me the News, the letter box opening had some sharp edges and seven people were cut. Three of them so severely that they needed "medical attention".  Which I am assuming meant stitches.

If you have one of these mailboxes, you can return them to Target for a refund in the form of a gift card.  If you are not near a Target store, you can request a pre-paid return label to send it in, and a gift card will be sent back to you as a refund.

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