Everyone likes cute animals, right?  And baby animals are always high on the cuteness factor.  These little female sea otter pups are just about as cute as they can be.  They are currently at the Minnesota Zoo, and they are being taken care of until they are ready to see their public and fans!

Their names are Denali (named after the tallest peak in North America) and Nuka (named after an Alaskan island off the Kenai peninsula) and they were recently orphaned and rescued by the Alaska Sealife Center and then transported to the Minnesota zoo.

According to a News Release, they will continue to receive round the clock care at the Minnesota Zoo.

Courtesty of the Minnesota Zoo
Courtesty of the Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo will help these two babies with health monitoring, and assistance with eating, grooming and swimming.  Things they would normaly learn from their mother in nature if they hadn't been orphaned.  Now they need help.

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From a News Release:

"we have separate spaces set up for each of the otters." Explained Kurt Heizmann, Minnesta Zoo Director of Animal Care. "One will be in our reserve pools, separated from ourn other three resident male sea otters, while the youngest otter will be cared for in her own behind-the- scenes nursery."

The two little pups will be in the care facility behind-the-scenes for quite a few weeks while they grow and acclimate to their new environment.  The Minnesota Zoo says that they will continue to give updates on the pups' progress.  Make sure to check their social media page for updates.

Also- the thing about sea otters is that they aren't usually, but can become aggressive when they feel threatened.  This is true for most animals in the wild.  But keep watching their Facebook page for updates on when you can go look...not touch these little babies.

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