I don't know why I thought of this commercial, but I remember this crazy Volkswagen commercial from 1997.  Da Da Da was what was sticking in my head.  Then, of course, I had to look for it.  Forgot about the chair.  And it apparently stinks.  Check it out:

I loved this commercial.  I remember my roommates and I would just sit and sing along to this commercial... yes, the Da da da part.  Yeah, we didn't get out much.

I seems that commercials like this don't really happen anymore.  I think the simplicity of these type of commercials are great.  It still gets the message across, but it isn't in your face and annoying.  I think it's fun.  And it shows how much room is in the hatch back portion of the car.  You can fit a stinky arm chair in it.

What would you say has the creative factor that something like this has?  It's so silly, yet fun... and apparently memorable.