Dan Aykroyd has always been one of my favorite comedy actors. From his days on Saturday Night Live to his many movies, he's always been a solid creative talent.

Well, sometimes with creativity comes a little mild insanity. I'm not saying Dan is crazy, quite the opposite. Maybe he sees something we don't. Many people have reported sightings of UFO's and even the government admits that there are regular sightings, pretty much on a regular basis.

Aykroyd seems to believe that aliens are living among us and they want our women. He says, quote, "The proof is going to start dribbling out". Aykroyd claims the aliens are interested in women's ova, femininity, reproductive parts and DNA.  Their goal in all of this is to produce a hybrid baby and that's why they are here.


He also says, "I believe some aliens are here to harm us. There are many that come herewith nefarious purposes and want to use us as lab rats".

I've heard crazier theories.Who knows in today's world?

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