WAITE PARK -- A Dassel man was arrested Monday night after leading several Stearns County authorities on a chase that covered 64 miles.

The incident happened at just before 11:00 p.m. in the Cash Wise Foods parking lot in Waite Park.

Chief Dave Bentrud says a man was cleaning the parking lot when he was approached by another man who threatened to kill him.

The victim quickly ran to a different area of the parking lot and called police. Officers responded to the scene to find the suspect doing donuts in the parking lot.

As they turned their emergency lights on, the suspect drove away heading north on Waite Avenue, then on Division Street where he heading on Highway 15 at speeds over 100 mph.

Authorities used stop sticks popping one of the tires and slowing the vehicle to about 70 mph. Upon re-entering St. Cloud the State Patrol used another set of stop sticks to pop the remaining tires. After all four tires were flat, the suspect continued toward Royalton driving on the rims.

The vehicle was finally stopped with the help of a PIT maneuver.

The suspect was identified as 47-year-old Jason Ashwill. He was taken to Stearns County Jail where he faces charges of felony fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and damage to property.

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