Our state parks are open all year round, but normally there is a fee to enter.  There are a few days that are "free park days" and every year the Friday after Thanksgiving is one of those days.  Probably mostly because a lot of people have the day off, and also it's a great day to get some exercise in after all of the goodies that you probably consumed the day prior.

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The free park days are just for the entrance.  If you wanted to have a tour, or rent some sort of equipment or something along those lines - some extra, that is not covered by the "free park day".  Those extras would need to be paid for like usual.

The goal is to encourage families to spend time together with a walk outdoors. Research shows that walking offers multiple benefits, from increased creativity and better brain function to more flexibility and stamina. So you won't just burn calories, you'll also improve your well-being.

It's a great time to just get out and enjoy what outdoors in Minnesota has to offer.  Especially with the mild weather we have had recently.  It looks like next couple of weeks will get to be a bit more seasonable, but still, not as frigid as it has been other years.  Still a great time to bundle up and work off some calories and "recharge" the batteries a bit.

You can check out all of the Free Park Days that the DNR has each year by going to their website and marking your calendar.  But remember, every Friday after Thanksgiving is always a "free park day" in Minnesota.

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