This past weekend I almost died, again.  Pretty sure I'm on my ninth life by now.  Last Saturday night was a typical weekend night at the lake.  As I was sitting down to dinner with my family and my brother's family, I felt a little strange (insert joke here).  Got up to go in the bathroom just in case I was going to be sick.  Long story short, I collapsed as my blood pressure plummeted from dehydration.  I was pretty out of it.  My wife found me and 911 was called.

The ambulance took me to the closest hospital in Detroit Lakes.  From there I was sent immediately to a hospital in Fargo.  Things didn't look good.  The EMTs shocked my heart most of the 90 mph trip.  I was rushed into surgery upon arrival.  I can't recall the name of the procedure but basically, they ran ambulance114a scope up through one of my arteries to check my heart.  Heart was all fine but probably still smoldering from the shock treatments.  All turned out okay.  I guess, I just need to make some crucial adjustments to my lifestyle.  I'm sure I'll be getting grief about this every Labor Day until my expiration date.  My advice, drink water and a lot of it.

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