Daylight saving time was instituted in the United States starting in 1918.  The reason for it has been largely attributed to creating a way to save energy and to get more use out of the daylight we have.  Minnesotans will move their clocks back an hour early Sunday morning on November 5, 2023 and return to Standard time.

The United States congress appeared poised a couple years ago to do away with switching our clocks twice a year but momentum to make the change stalled.

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Standard time was not legislated in the United States until 1883.  Before then, people set their clocks by looking at the sun and time varied between towns. When the railroads were built they needed predictable times to schedule the trains. By the 1880’s, the railroads had so much power they were able to pass legislation dividing the world into 24 time zones.

During WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday program listeners were asked if they were in favor of continuing with daylight saving time or would rather it go away.  WJON listeners are split on staying with the current policy of switching clocks twice a year or picking either daylight saving time or standard time and sticking with it.  Ten listeners voted to stay with the current policy of switching the time twice a year while 8 would like to see the country pick either standard or daylight saving time and stick with it. This is a small sample size of those interested in participating.  Where do you stand?


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