Dear Baxter,

Not sure what you can do to help me but I'm desperate. About a year ago my husband of five years went to a bachelor party. later that night they all ended up at our local strip club. He said it was no big deal and it was the future groom's idea. Okay fine, only now he's made a habit out of going there twice a week at least. Our marriage is good otherwise, as far as I know. Why does he feel the need to see other women half naked.

Ann   Sartell

Hey Ann,

Personally, I've never understood the strip club thing. It seems to me it's like going to a restaurant and just looking at food. What's the point. Perhaps he just goes to note how inferior those women are to you. Yeah, I know, that's a stretch. Maybe it's just a phase. If not, just start charging him for sex. Hope this helps.


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