Hey Baxter,

Just recently, a new neighbor moved next door. The guy seems like a pretty nice guy but I happened to notice he has red eyes sometimes when I talk to him. There always seems to be loud rock music playing day and night and that rancid smell of pot in the air. I'm not sure what I should do. I mean I'm living next to a probable criminal. I'm wondering if I should call the police and report the pot smoking or just talk to him and explain my displeasure with what's going on. My wife and I are law abiding citizens and really don't appreciate this activity going on next door. What should I do?

Nathan   Waite Park, MN

Wow Nathan,

A couple of things. You could call the police and report your neighbor. He might get arrested, lose his job and have a criminal record for life. That would suck for him. My best suggestion would be to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.. Hope this helps.


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